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All-in-One PC - How to fix “Insert media. Some files are missing” when you push refresh or reset button in the Recovery screen of the Windows 8.1?
Please download the patch file on the following link. After executing it, the operating system will reboot itself and complete the fix. Please refer to the instruction in the attachment. File: http://www.msi.com/downloads/faq/aio_win8.1_pbr_fix.zip    
All-in-One PC - How to Remove Windows8.1 "SecureBoot isn't configured correctly" watermark on my desktop?
Download package and apply the update available from the Microsoft Download Center. Link: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2902864
All-in-One PC - How to set the resolution?
Please click here
All-in-One PC - The screen goes black and then got a message- Display driver stopped responding and has recovered.
Please disable the "PowerPlay" function as below: Please click right button on the Desktop then select "Catalyst Control Center"--> "Graphics"--> "PowerPlay", unclick the "Enable PowerPlay" Then click "OK" button to finish it.
All-in-One PC - How to remove the hange and install the wall mount kit (AE2410& AE2420&AE2420 3D)?
Please refer the document below to do it.


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All-in-One PC - On a computer that is running Windows 7, you use the Chkdsk.exe program to schedule a disk check during the next system startup. However, the disk check does not start correctly.
This problem is more likely to occur on computers that have infrared devices equipped Please refer to the below website and download/install Microsoft hotfix http://support.microsoft.com/kb/975778/en-us
All-in-One PC - Why there is no video on webcam when execute Windows Live Messenger on Windows Vista 32/64 operation system?
It is because the webcam driver default will be TV tuner if you have an optional TV Tuner. Please follow the the steps as below SOP to change it.
All-in-One PC - When play audio file with WMplayer and drag the time bar, there will be some electrical sound.
This is the limiation of software or driver issue , the windows media player has this same issue.
All-in-One PC - My built-in microphone cannnot record the sound by Windows XP Sound Recorder.
Please go into Recording Control and check Mic Volume option, do not Mute it.


Notebook - Can I use SteelSeries Engine (SSE) to set key macros to control any media players?
If your media player provides global hotkeys for users to control, just set the key macros in SSE according to those hotkeys, but if not, you will probably need some plug-ins for your media players to provide global hotkey functions. Take Windows Media
Notebook - Why my Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 8/8.1 Pro popups an error that VT-X (Intel Virtualization Technology) is not enabled when I install Intel Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager (Intel HAXM) or other VM software?
Please refer to attached PDF file.
Notebook - How to adjust settings in Nahimic to to reduce Microphone noise?
1. Turn on Nahimic control panel, select “Microphone” item. 2. Set the MIC volume to largest. 3. Disable “Listen to your MIC”.
Notebook - Is there any manual or instruction can guide me through the setup of Instant Play function in Dragon Gaming Center?
Instant Play function allows users to tune the environments and assign P1 shortcut key or Fn+F4 combination key to designate PC game. Each preset can be designated to start a game you assign and apply all configurations you made for the game immediately.
Notebook - Why can't I enable keyboard backlight by SSE button?
Please download latest SSE Engine from Utility page of MSI NB model download web page accordingly.


Notebook - Is it normal that HDD diagnostic tools report a warning of Ultra DMA CRC Error Count (C7)?
We may find some CRC errors when data transfer. C7 warning does NOT mean fatal error or data loss. All of data was stored at buffer and will be re-sending immediately. Besides, you can also find more CRC FAQ in attached document.
Notebook - M.2 Solid State Drive (SSD) can’t be detected by system.
MSI suggests user to update latest EC (version 504 or newer) and BIOS (version 109 or newer). Please make sure EC is updated completely before start the upgrade process of BIOS.
Notebook - I would like to upgrade my notebook. What kind of interfaces of storage devices, such as Hard Disk, Solid State Drive and Optical Drive, are in my notebook? For adding SSD, what's the suggest Stripe Size for the RAID volume?
Please find the interface of storage device for all models in the attached file.
Notebook - If using external keyboards, are they supported by SSE (SteelSeries Engine)?
Only those keyboards by SteelSeries are supported by SSE.
Notebook - Some Blu-ray disks can't be read by my MSI notebook's TSST SN-406AB Blu-ray drive.
Some Blu-ray disks might have compatibility problem with the Blu-ray drive. You can try to flash the new firmware of your Blu-ray drive to improve this problem. Download Link: http://download.msi.com/nb_drivers//ap/SN-406AB_TM01.zip


All-in-One PC - How to flash BIOS?
Please refer the document below to do it.
Server - I upgraded the BIOS to a new version and now the system doesn’t boot, what can I do?
Please contact your closest MSI branch office or your computer dealer and tell them your motherboard no longer boots because of BIOS flash fail, they then help you obtain a new BIOS at a small fee.