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Motherboard - What does ECO Center button do?
This button is used to automatically reduce power consumption without sacrificing performance. To enable ECO mode, set this button to ON while the system is in power off mode. On the next boot, the system power consumption in idle mode will be less than usual. In addition, the PCI slot will be unavailable. To disable ECO mode, set this button to OFF while the system is in power off mode.
Motherboard - Can I use 3pin fan and plug in to system fan connector and enabled Smart fan function at the same time?
Yes, System fan connector support smart fan for both 3pin/4pin fan
Motherboard - Can F12 Picture save function allow me to save file as JPG format?
F12 function could only support saving picture as BMP format, it doesn't support file to be save as JPG format.
Motherboard - when trying to open Hotmail webpage or other website, Why it will always show the message "There is a problem with this website security certificate"?
Please check your System date is correct or not, If your system date is shown like Year 2099 then you will definitely see this issue.
Motherboard - I press F12 in the bios setup to save the bios setup picture to my USB storage drive but system cannot recognize my USB storage drive and will show "Allocate file system resource fail" ?
F12 Save Picture function could only support USB storage drive using FAT/FAT32 format, NTFS format is not supported


Motherboard - Why my USB3.0 device show as "unknown device" in device manager under Windows 64bit?
Please try to reinstall the "Intel USB3.0 driver" found in the below link http://www.msi.com/service/download/driver-18179.html Note: This driver is for Win7 64bit
Motherboard - Is it able to plug-in 2 nVIDIA VGA cards?
Yes, please install the VGA driver to 285.38 or above.
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All-in-One PC - On a computer that is running Windows 7, you use the Chkdsk.exe program to schedule a disk check during the next system startup. However, the disk check does not start correctly.
This problem is more likely to occur on computers that have infrared devices equipped Please refer to the below website and download/install Microsoft hotfix http://support.microsoft.com/kb/975778/en-us
All-in-One PC - Why there is no video on webcam when execute Windows Live Messenger on Windows Vista 32/64 operation system?
It is because the webcam driver default will be TV tuner if you have an optional TV Tuner. Please follow the the steps as below SOP to change it.


Notebook - How to Enbale Wake On Lan Function?
Please refer to the attached PDF document.
Tablet - YouTube videos have no image on video playing. We only hear the video sound.
Please update your firmware to version 20140806 or newer. YouTube can work great with latest firmware.
Notebook - I have enabled BT function, but my computer can't be found by other bluetooth device.
Please right click on the Bluetooth icon on the toolbar, and click "Open Settings", then check the "allow Bluetooth devices to find this computer" item, click "Apply" and close the Bluetooth setting window. After enable this setting, you can let other BT devices to connect your PC.
Notebook - When I plug in Roccat mice in a system with Steel Series Engine installed, the mouse can’t move and stop working unless I remove SSE software.
Please download and install latest SSE software from MSI website.
Notebook - Where can I download the XSplit Gamecaster software and redeem the MSI exclusive 6 months free premium license?
MSI provides exclusive XSplit Gamecaster 6 months free premium license to the owner of our gaming notebooks. The notebook pre-installed with Windows operating system, the customized XSplit Gamecaster software is on the system. To redeem the 6 months free license, just connect to the internet and link through the XSplit Gamecaster webiste to finish the redemption process. Once user has registered the account and redeems the 6 months free license, the free license will goes with the redeemed account. Please see the attached file for the step by step guide of the license redemption. *If there is no pre-installed Windows operating system, you can find the XSplit Gamecaster installation disk enclosed in the notebook accessory box. (For some models, the installation file is on the driver CD.)


Notebook - I would like to upgrade my notebook. What kind of interfaces of storage devices, such as Hard Disk, Solid State Drive and Optical Drive, are in my notebook?
Please find the interface of storage device for all models in the attached file.
Notebook - Some Blu-ray disks can't be read by my MSI notebook's TSST SN-406AB Blu-ray drive.
Some Blu-ray disks might have compatibility problem with the Blu-ray drive. You can try to flash the new firmware of your Blu-ray drive to improve this problem. Download Link: http://download.msi.com/nb_drivers//ap/SN-406AB_TM01.zip
Notebook - SSD only runs in SATA 2 (Gen 2). How can I set SATA 2 (Gen 2) to SATA 3 (Gen 3) speed?
Please update to the latest BIOS Version 10G/50G. You can have the max SSD speed as SATA 3 (Gen 3). Check the link below: http://www.msi.com/product/nb/GX70_3BE.html#download
Notebook - My laptop equips with a Blu-ray Drive (TSST/SN-506BB) but it cannot play BD video and give a warning message [Stop Playing](See attached picture). It works normally when playing DVD discs.
MSI recommends user update the latest ODD firmware. You can download the source package from attached file or following link. http://download.msi.com/uti_exe/ODD_Frimware.zip Please follow the instruction and update your ODD firmware. 1. Unzip the [ODD_Frimware.zip]. 2. Execute [SFDNWIN.exe] file. 3. Click [Download File Open] icon to open file. 4. Select correct bin file and click [Open]. 5. Click [Start Download] icon to upgrade firmware. 6. Click [OK] to start download process. 7. After process complete, click [OK] to restart system.
Tablet - The contact's photos in SIM card cannot be edited on Primo 76.
Please export the contact information to your Google account, and then the photos are able to be edited. Because SIM card's size has only 64kb~128kb, it cannot afford more contact photos inside.


Motherboard - I want to use M-Flash to update my bios but system cannot detect my USB pen drive?
VIA VL806 USB 3.0 port don't support M-Flash function, please plug your USB pen drive to other USB port
Motherboard - I updated my bios to the latest version and now my system failed to boot, what should I do ?
When BIOS updating fails causes the computer non-bootable, you can recover the failed BIOS by the steps below. Preparation: 1. Prepare a bootable USB flash drive. 2. Download the latest BIOS file from the MSI official website at www.msi.com, and then decompress the file. 3. Copy the AFUDE238.exe and the BIOS file to the bootable USB flash drive BIOS recovery steps: 1. Power off the system. 2. Set the Multi-BIOS switch to the functional BIOS ROM. 3. Insert the bootable USB flash drive you have made to the USB port. 4. Boot the computer into the bootable USB flash drive. 5. Set the Multi-BIOS switch to the failed BIOS ROM. 6. Execute the below command to flash the BIOS: For example: AFUDE238 EXXXXIMS.XXX 7. Restart the computer after the BIOS flashing is complete.
Motherboard - How to use Multi BIOS function?
This motherboard has two built-in BIOS Roms (Labeled A and B, default BIOS Rom is A). If one is crashed, you can shift to the other one for booting by sliding the switch.
Motherboard - Does my MB supports Dual Bios?
Yes, this MB got a secondary bios that serves as a backup, in case the first bios failed to bootup properly, you could use the Multi Bios switch to set the system to bootup from the secondary bios.
Motherboard - Can I flash my bios using M-Flash function even if my USB storage drive is using NTFS format?
Yes, M-Flash function could support bios flash function even with USB storage drive in NTFS format