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Motherboard - Can I turn off the blue LED lights on the motherboard ?
Yes, Please go to BIOS >> Settings >> Advanced >> Power Management Setup >> On board Function LED Control >> set to [ Off ] to turn off all the LED light on motherboard.
Motherboard - Can I turn off the on-board power/reset/BCLK+/BCLK- button LED light ?
Yes, please go to BIOS >> Settings >> Advanced >> Power Management Setup >> On board Function LED Control >> set to [ Off ] to turn off all the LED light on motherboard.
Motherboard - I want to turn off CPU Phase led permanently on my motherboard but if I turn off from Control center, after restart the LED will still lit on. How can I disable it permanently?
Please go to BIOS, check the ECO section and set the Motherboard LED control to Off.
Motherboard - How can I turn off all the LED on my motherboard ?
Please go to BIOS >> Settings >> Advanced >> Power Management Setup >> On board Function LED Control >> set to [ Off ].
Motherboard - Can I wake my system by USB mouse or keyboard from Hibernation(S4) or Shutdown(S5) ?
No, B85M-E33 only support resume by USB device from Sleep(S3). If you want to resume from Hibernation(S4) or Shutdown(S5), please use PS/2 mouse or keyboard.


Motherboard - Why my USB3.0 device show as "unknown device" in device manager under Windows 64bit?
Please try to reinstall the "Intel USB3.0 driver" found in the below link http://www.msi.com/service/download/driver-18179.html Note: This driver is for Win7 64bit
Motherboard - Is it able to plug-in 2 nVIDIA VGA cards?
Yes, please install the VGA driver to 285.38 or above.
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All-in-One PC - On a computer that is running Windows 7, you use the Chkdsk.exe program to schedule a disk check during the next system startup. However, the disk check does not start correctly.
This problem is more likely to occur on computers that have infrared devices equipped Please refer to the below website and download/install Microsoft hotfix http://support.microsoft.com/kb/975778/en-us
All-in-One PC - Why there is no video on webcam when execute Windows Live Messenger on Windows Vista 32/64 operation system?
It is because the webcam driver default will be TV tuner if you have an optional TV Tuner. Please follow the the steps as below SOP to change it.


Notebook - Is there any manual or instruction can guide me through the setup of Instant Play function in Dragon Gaming Center?
Instant Play function allows users to tune the environments and assign P1 shortcut key or Fn+F4 combination key to designate PC game. Each preset can be designated to start a game you assign and apply all configurations you made for the game immediately. (This function is supported by selected products) To know more about how to set it up, please download our SW manual: http://dl.msi.com/download_files/mnu_exe/nb_SWmanual_v3.0.zip Find "Instant Play" and follow the instructions to utilize it.
Notebook - Why can't I enable keyboard backlight by SSE button?
Please download latest SSE Engine from Utility page of MSI NB model download web page accordingly.
Notebook - How to set up my keyboard LED color and style?
Please go to MSI official website and search your model. Then select "Download" -> "Quick Manual" to download a zipped file which contains the instructions in a PDF file to know how to set up your keyboard LED color and style. This PDF file is also included in the preloaded system of some models. You can find this file in your "Desktop" or "Documents" folders. PS: The keyboard LED feature is not available on every model of laptops.
Notebook - Among the "Set PhysX configuration" page of NVIDIA Control Panel, it shows that there are many laptop displays in Intel HD Graphics. The amount of those laptop displays is more than mine laptop, is it normal?
Please update to the latest version ( or later) of NVIDIA graphic driver from MSI official website to fix this issue. The NVIDIA Control Panel should only show currently working port after the updating.
Notebook - Direct-X diagnostics tool (DXDIAG) may report an unexpected value for the display adapter memory on a system with 1GB or greater of Video memory, and 4GB or greater of system memory (RAM).
Microsoft is working to resolve this in future releases. Please refer to the Microsoft KB article 2026022 (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2026022) .


Notebook - I would like to upgrade my notebook. What kind of interfaces of storage devices, such as Hard Disk, Solid State Drive and Optical Drive, are in my notebook? For adding SSD, what's the suggest Stripe Size for the RAID volume?
Please find the interface of storage device for all models in the attached file.
Notebook - Some Blu-ray disks can't be read by my MSI notebook's TSST SN-406AB Blu-ray drive.
Some Blu-ray disks might have compatibility problem with the Blu-ray drive. You can try to flash the new firmware of your Blu-ray drive to improve this problem. Download Link: http://download.msi.com/nb_drivers//ap/SN-406AB_TM01.zip
Notebook - SSD only runs in SATA 2 (Gen 2). How can I set SATA 2 (Gen 2) to SATA 3 (Gen 3) speed?
Please update to the latest BIOS Version 10G/50G. You can have the max SSD speed as SATA 3 (Gen 3). Check the link below: http://www.msi.com/product/nb/GX70_3BE.html#download
Notebook - My Blu-ray Drive (TSST/SN-506BB) but it cannot play BD video and give a warning message [Stop Playing](See attached picture). It works normally when playing DVD discs.
MSI recommends user update the latest ODD firmware. You can download the source package from attached file or following link. http://download.msi.com/uti_exe/ODD_Frimware.zip Please follow the instruction and update your ODD firmware. 1. Unzip the [ODD_Frimware.zip]. 2. Execute [SFDNWIN.exe] file. 3. Click [Download File Open] icon to open file. 4. Select correct bin file and click [Open]. 5. Click [Start Download] icon to upgrade firmware. 6. Click [OK] to start download process. 7. After process complete, click [OK] to restart system.
Tablet - The contact's photos in SIM card cannot be edited on Primo 76.
Please export the contact information to your Google account, and then the photos are able to be edited. Because SIM card's size has only 64kb~128kb, it cannot afford more contact photos inside.


Motherboard - How can i disable led of clear CMOS button on rear panel?
Please enter into BIOS setup and go to Settings=>Advanced=>Power Management Setup, and switch item "On board Function LED control" to "Off".
Motherboard - Why I change the Power LED from "Blinking" to "Dual Color" but my Power LED color remains the same when I boot my PC ?
The Power LED setting works only for S3 (Sleep) state, Power LED will blink or change to another color depending on the BIOS setting.
Motherboard - Why the device manager got the exclamation mark in USB 3.0 device under XP system?
Please update BIOS to E7693AMS.M20 can solve this case.
Motherboard - There is BIOS item "EuP2013". Will it affect any performance and stability of high end MotherBoard ?
Our latest BIOS has fine tuned the item to ensure stability and performance of X99S SLI PLUS while enabling "EuP2013". Please update BIOS to the latest version "E7885IMS.150".
Motherboard - I want to use M-Flash to update my bios but system cannot detect my USB pen drive?
VIA VL806 USB 3.0 port don't support M-Flash function, please plug your USB pen drive to other USB port